Tell Your Story

There is a saying online: “Content is king.” In the past, companies held the mindset that business happens behind closed doors. They hid behind a company name, a logo, a tag line, and a mission statement. Once a quarter, they met with a marketing agency to produce the next quarter’s ad push. When new products were in development, dollars upon dollars were spent on surveys to try and figure out what the customer wanted. And, if the answer aligned with the company’s biases, products were marketed to make customers believe they needed the product.

So, what’s wrong with that?

The problem is, closed doors are never good for business. Your company has a story and the customer should always be a key part of your story. Quarterly pushes are a thing of the past. With SATORImedia’s strategy, we’ll invite customers to take part in a company culture. The customer is just as important to your story as the idea that launched the company into existence. Rich, creative content needs to pull your customers daily.

How is “Tell Your Story” different from “Start Conversations?”

Everything we do online for your business overlaps— telling the story attracts visitors, starts conversations, and most importantly, it creates brand loyalty. People buy from people they trust. They trust the people they know. It’s time for your business to get to know its customers. In return, they will not only buy your products, they will do you the favor of telling you what to produce. No blind survey necessary.

Why are you so against surveys?

We’re not. We will survey your customers regularly. We have a different interpretation of the word than what we learned in Marketing Research classes. We’re not interested in the opinion of a mall-rat who has no intention of ever buying your product. We are interested in learning from the customers who care enough about your product to publicly advocate its existence.

This sounds more like listening to customers than telling a company story. You’re telling me that I need to re-write my company bio regularly?

You’re half right. You need to realize that in today’s social world, your story is their story. Their stories help to shape your story. When using the term “your story,” we’re not talking about a mission statement, vision, nor company bio. We are talking about the story you and your customers are creating, editing, and sharing each and every day your business is operating. Sure, we will start by analyzing your company bio and its messaging. However, we use it only as a catalyst to sync your principles with the customers engaging with your brand.

I tell my story all the time. Why do I need your help?

Most companies need our help because although “Content is King,” without context it won’t reach your intended audience. The fact that you are on our website, tells us it would probably be in your best interest to at least sit down and discuss your business. Companies can get a lot of value out of us even beforesigning a check.

Here are some things to consider. If you answer “No” or “I don’t know” to any of these, please give us a call.

  • Are your marketing efforts succinct across channels?
  • Are your call to actions clear?
  • Does your customer understand how to navigate their way into your bottom line?
  • Are you sending regular email campaigns?
  • Do you plan emails around a business and/or customer goal?
  • Do you feel comfortable managing social pages?
  • Do you have a strategy in place for social management?
  • In your Search Marketing Integration efforts, have you identified the most valuable aspect?
  • Do you understand why people like your social pages?
  • Do your customers believe you to be an expert in your industry?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • How do customers find your blog?
  • Do you post your blog posts on other social mediums?
  • How many people click through to your website from the blog or other social platforms?
  • When advertising online, how many times does a person view an ad or campaign before completing a goal?
  • Does your website have any goals?
  • Does your website track conversions?
  • Did you know YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world?
  • Do you use video in marketing?
  • Are you optimizing your video efforts for searchability?