Start Conversations

It seems that, too often, business owners and marketers forget the Internet was not intended to be a one-way communication channel. The Internet allows for this big world to feel very small— almost like a small town again. Large companies are able to present a small company image, while small companies can leverage methods once only afforded by the larger Fortune 500′s.

Customers today are much more informed. They have a voice that they want heard, but more importantly, they want to feel like your company cares about their individual needs more than your own. It’s the personal touch we lost when the big-box stores took out the small business owner.

With the help of the Internet, we see the principles that made your neighbor such a loyal customer once again joining the marketplace. We can now not only start conversations, we can engage in the conversations your customers are already having. We can learn from how they interact with your brand to ensure that the first place they turn for new information is you.