Social Media Campaigns

We are not social media gurus, ninjas, or experts. We are salesmen, marketers, psychologists, sociologists, and educators that utilize social tools to reach your customers. You’re not partnering with us because we know how to post a status update on Facebook and Twitter. You are partnering with SATORImedia so that your company effectively manages relationships with each and every individual that cares enough about your company to follow you.

Social media makes the internet fun. This is why the web was invented. It was never intended to mimic brochures or magazines—that’s what PDFs are for. When was the last time you heard someone say, “Oh man, I love PDFs!!!”??? Never—because one way communication is not engaging.
SATORImedia is your online sales and customer service organization. We are extremely skilled in this area because we are salespeople that live in digital. It just makes sense to us.

Why do I want Social media?

The real world has merged with the virtual world and both are inherently social. With social media, we are applying real social principles to the internet. Social media allows your company to manage relationships, establish credibility and authority, increase brand equity, and create lifetime buyers. Asking “Why should I be on social media?” is like asking “Why should I hire salespeople?”

Social media… You mean Facebook?

Contrary to many businessman’s beliefs, Facebook is not the definition of social media. Another question we get is along the lines of Facebook being a good fit for business. Well, it may or may not be; we would need to evaluate your company’s business model, objectives, and tailor a strategy for any social media platform.

What is Social media?

Many people would believe it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. These are examples of social media, but not the definition. We need to first break down the term to understand its meaning. Media is the plural form of Medium. Social involves more than one person. Therefore, Social media are mediums that allow for two-way communication between individuals. With that definition in mind, we can quite possibly find valuable social media anywhere on the internet. Your website can even become a social medium.

How does Social media work for my business?

Within the online marketing landscape, social media is one piece of the puzzle. With our social marketing integration, we leverage the tools of the internet to attract, engage, educate, influence, and sell. It’s not a quick “cash grab.” It takes time to develop meaningful communities that contribute exponentially to your bottom line.

So, what’s the ROI?

This is a complicated question. We will work closely with you to define the ROI and maximize its potential. Some of it may be harder to define. Depending on the goals of a campaign, we may need to shift your paradigm of ROI.

What’s the ROI of your salesperson connecting with a customer multiple times per month? What’s the ROI of your golf course membership? What’s the ROI of your customer service organization? Some companies can give you an exact number, while others struggle. Either way, it’s unknown how many dollars are retained because it exists. But, this we do know: we can and will show you the value.