Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website contains the final online step before entering your bottom-line. Messaging across marketing channels has been crafted to pull both existing and potential customers to cognitively align company and consumer on an emotional level. The website reinforces this messaging and leads the viewer into the final stages of the buying process.

The term SEO sometimes loses meaning for many people. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, but we take it a step further than searchability. We believe your website needs to perform like a website. We fully intend for your website to be a scalable sales and customer service medium.
One of the most aggravating experiences is a useless website. It’s frustrating for both visitors and the company. Sites need to be user friendly in order to convert visitors into customers. When we begin, the first step is a content audit to ensure the site is user friendly.

We use SEO to first attract visitors to your website. Once they are there, we begin learning from their behavior. When they leave, we compile the analytics to decipher their needs and analyze whether or not your website provided the information they were seeking. With this data compiled, we modify the site to attract more visitors, maximize engagement, and tweak visitor flow to ensure the visitor is lead down the most efficient path to complete a goal or conversion.